domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Inauguration Day

Four years ago I retired as Logistics Manager from Minera Barrick Misquichilca. Over my ten years with Barrick I had participated in the growth fueled by the very low cost Peruvian mines of Pierina and Lagunas Norte. As I watched President Obama being sworn in for his first term, I thought to myself, "when a new manager comes to Barrick for example, things change."

On the bottom of the TV screen was a market flash alert - DOW down 200 points. About 10 months before I had moved my IRA to cash and had subsequently missed the stock market crash of late 2008. Based on the "things change with a new manager" theory, I invested 30% of the IRA back in the same Fidelity Growth America fund I had contributed to monthly for almost ten years. Every two weeks I invested another 30% and by March I was 100% invested in $FDGRX. Only now I had three times as many shares as I had had just one year earlier. The rest is history.

Today it is easy to look back four years ago, and see that it was a different situation back then. President Obama, his administration, and Ben Bernanke have done an incredible job restoring the economy and resolving terrorist threats.  During President Obama's last two years I invested in Apple. Change happened and my IRA/401K has benefited greatly.

Which will be the most profitable investments at the start of President Obama's second term?

$FB - 29.66 "Facebook Unveils a New Search Tool" Bits

$FCX - 33.64 "Soon To Be An Energy Stock, Is Freeport-McMoRan A Good Value?" Seeking Alpha

$ABX - 34.04 "Pueblo Viejo Achieves Commercial Production" Barrick website

US Dollar Index - 80.04 up from 79.56 last week.
Copper - 3.64 compared to 3.65 last week.
Oil - 95.25 up from 93.70 last week.
Public traded stocks:
Barrick Gold $ABX - 34.25 down from 34.60 last week. "...a Canadian resource giant that requires massive capital expenditures for years to exploit a find." Forbes
Newmont Mining $NEM - 45.89 same as 45.76 last week. "Peru State Water Works Seek to Deflect Newmont Protests" Bloomberg
Rio Alto Mining $RIOM - 5.53 up from 5.18. "...Eligible Investment for Peruvian Pension Funds" Marketwire
Freeport McMoran $FCX - 33.64 down from 35. "Bids Too Much in Buyouts, Investors Say in Suit" Bloomberg
Projects and Exploration:
Sulliden Gold C$1.08 up from C$1.03 last week. Shahuindo Project - Location Peru. Sulliden website
Tartisan Resources C$0.13 up from C$0.12 last week. Engages Ubika Corporation to Promote Investor Exposure... Newsfile
Candente Gold... C$0.15 down from C$0.16 last week. Projects - Map Alto Dorado... Candente Gold website
Candente Copper... C$0.445 Cañariaco Norte Copper Project located in northern Peru
New Demensions Resources...Cenpa project on Equador border. See map
Privately held companies:

Disclosure: I intend to focus on selected gold mines in Northern Peru. I have positions in Rio Alto mining and Barrick. I prepared this article myself, and linked it to third-party articles and information published on the internet. I am not receiving compensation for this article other than from Google Adsense, my website and the sale of my book The Lean Supplier and Google maps.  I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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