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Merry Christmas to All - Felice Navidad a Todos - 2

Disclosure: I intend to focus on selected gold mines in Northern Peru. I have no long positions in the stocks mentioned below. I prepared this article myself, and linked it to third party articles and information published on the internet. I am not receiving compensation for this article other than from Google Adsense, my website www.leansupplier.com and the sale of my book The Lean Supplier. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Merry Christmas to All - Felice Navidad a Todos

My Gold Mining Companies
Saturday, December 22, 2012
Public traded stocks:
Barrick Gold  ... Returns will drive production... Barrick website
                       ... Photos — Pasqua-Lama Project Overview November 2012... Barrick website
Newmont Mining.. Listening to the city of Cajamarca...  Yanacocha website
Rio Alto Mining... trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol "RIOM"... Yahoo Finance
                          ... “Leading by Example” November 2012 corporate... Rio Alto website
Projects and Exploration:
Sulliden Gold - Shahuindo Project - Location in Peru. see Sulliden website
Tartisan Resources ... Engages Ubika Corporation to Promote Investor Exposure... Newsfile
Candente Gold... Projects - Map Alto Dorado... Candente Gold website
Privately held companies:
Comarsa... joins facebook.... Facebook/Comarsa
Bond Market:
30-Year US Treasury Bond -  U.S. 30-year Treasury Yields Reach 3%

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