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My 2013 Trading Resolutions

2012 Performance: 21.48% including all the big mistakes and embarrassments.

2013 Trading Resolutions:

1. How many times did I PANIC-SELL exactly at the bottom in 2012? Way too many!

2. Don't waste a 5% profit once made. DON'T be GREEDY!

3. SWING-TRADE only my well-researched DOW stocks, those that price homework is done daily and technical homework done weekly over a period of three months or more. Buy on 200 points DOWN days. SELL on 200 UP days, or at least enter a SELL STOP. Trade with the emotion of the MACHINES. Do not trade hyped-up IPO's or stocks promoted on TV. Listen daily to Bloomberg as well as MNBC. STAY WITH THE PLAN.

4. Look for five EPS GROWTH STOCKS per week, sixty growth opportunities/quarter 2013. Summarize research onto manual note cards and prioritize by growth rate. Swing-trade only the five highest growth stocks. Complete weekly technical data weekly on top fifteen stocks. Complete EPS growth rate on all sixty once every quarter.

5. Do LOSS CONTROL homework on position holdings daily. Protect capital even if I have to sell at the bottom. Remember the trading rule, "the first loss is the least lost". We all make mistakes, and I made some really embarrassing mistakes in 2012. Do LOSS CONTROL daily and make the decision!

6. Don't BUY on BIG UP days, UNLESS there is a significant change in the price of the corresponding commodity, the FED policy, or an international event impacting prices.

7. On big positions with a big trading profit, DON'T WAIT to SELL...only to lose alot! SIMPLY SELL when the trend changes. Then go play golf, go fishing, or take a long walk for several days or even months.  If the LORD has favored me with a large profit don't forget to help my less fortunate family members with 10% of the profit.

8. 2012 has shown me that my health is the most important of all trading rules and regulations. STAY HEALTHY in 2013.

30-Year US Treasury Bond -  the yield increased to 3.111 from 2.87 percent.
US Dollar Index - 80.50 up from 79.67 last week.
Gold - $1,656.80 vs $1,653.80 last week, slight increase despite... "Fed Considers End to Stimulus"
Copper - $3.68 up from $3.60 last week.
Oil - $93.13 up from $91.30 on December 28, 2012
Public traded stocks:
Barrick Gold  - $34.60 up from $34.01 - "Returns will drive production..." Barrick PDF presentation 
Newmont Mining - $45.94 up from $45.03 - "...And The Way Forward" Forbes
Rio Alto Mining - $5.24 up from $4.97 - "cost guidance in January 2013..."   Seeking Alpha
Freeport McMoran - $35.49 up from $33.14 - "Freeport-McMoRan Has It Right" Insider Monkey
Projects and Exploration:
Sulliden Gold - C$0.94 up from C$0.86 - Shahuindo Project - Location in Peru. Sulliden website
Tartisan Resources ... C$0.12 - Engages Ubika Corporation to Promote Investor Exposure... Newsfile
Candente Gold... C$0.16 - Projects - Map Alto Dorado... Candente Gold website
Candente Copper... Cañariaco Norte Copper Project located in northern Peru
Privately held companies:
Comarsa... joins facebook.... Facebook/Comarsa

Disclosure: I intend to focus on selected gold mines in Northern Peru. I have no positions in the stocks mentioned above, however that might change if gold and copper prices increase this week. I prepared this article myself, and linked it to third party articles and information published on the internet. I am not receiving compensation for this article other than from Google Adsense, my website www.leansupplier.com and the sale of my book The Lean Supplier. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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